Introdução ao recurso de monitoramento de áudio do telefone celular TTSPY

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TTSPY can help you monitor all the audio recorded and downloaded on your phone, and it will show the time and length of the audio recorded and downloaded. Of course, you can hear the audio content with only a click.

Next, we’ll offer a specific introduction.

The specific location we have already marked for you in the picture below.

Mobile Audio

Display all the Audios of the Mobile Phone

When you click in, you will see all the audios on your phone. This includes audio of the call recorded by your monitoring target itself, the music audio downloaded from the music software, the audio of the app, the audio of the recorder, and so on.

(If you read this article: xxxx (about TTSPY phone recording), you may have questions: Will the phonetic voice of TTSPY sneak out appear here? The answer is no, only the audio recorded by the target itself will be displayed here. And our monitoring software will never be exposed.)

Display the Name of the Audio

The source of the audio can be clearly judged by the audio name. As shown in the figure, we can see that this audio is a call between the monitoring target and his father.And in the name of the call record, usually the phone number is followed by the contact. The fourth recording is the reminding voice in the game software.

The child recorded the call with Dad, it may be that Dad made some promises to the child. So the child recorded it in case that his father would forget these promises. If his father really forgot them, this child will show the audio to his father.

Display the Time of the Audio

The marked part in the figure is the duration of the audio, and the counting unit is seconds. The four audio lengths in the figure are 1 second, 79 seconds, 0 seconds, and 0 seconds.

If you find a 1.2-hour call record in your child’s audio, your child is likely to be in love.Because only when people are in love can they listen to each other’s voice for such a long time, or when people want to check if there are something unsuitable in their audio.You can observe whether the child has strange behaviors in his study life, then you can communicate with the child, and guide the child correctly.

Display the Time when the Audio is Recorded

The date when the audio was recorded will be displayed on the right of the audio name.

Click to play the audio

When you click on the audio name, the record will be played for you, as shown above. You can also adjust the audio playback by dragging the progress bar.

You have probably encountered such a situation, your employees are operating the phone when none is in the company, besides your employees behave strangely, and usually work very cautiously and do not want to interact with others. At this time, you can find the audio monitoring function through the TTSPY control panel, view all his audio, and see if there is a call record with your competitors.

You may want to ask, there is no recording of the call with your competitors in the employee’s mobile audio, but I suspect that he wants to monitor his usual calls. This is fine. After you open the call recording function in the call log tracking recorder, TTSPY will record the employee’s usual call audio for you.

Page Adjustment

By default, the number of calls displayed for you is 10. If you browse to the bottom of the list, you will find a button that can adjust the number of pages. You can click it to view other audio.

I hope this article can help you better use the mobile audio monitoring function.

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