Sometimes parents and bosses need to know what their kids or employees are up to, that is why they use the hacking software. TTSPY is a specialized phone hacking software that can be used in Android and iPhone. TTSPY phone hack software is compatible with Android and iPhone. This one is specifically made as to the hacking software, so it doesn’t leave any trace. It is safe to use because it doesn’t disturb the other settings on the target’s phone. The purpose of this software is to have a checkup on your kids or the employee for any bad thing.

Benefits of using it

TTSPY phone hack software for Android and iPhone is an absolute blessing in disguise. They have been making hacking software so that people could check up on their kids and the bosses can keep an eye on their employees through smartphones. A few years back, there was not a concept of having a smartphone for each one of the family and the social apps were also limited in those smartphones. Now there is everything in your smart device, which can be addictive to your kids and with so many positive things, there are negative things on the internet like extremely violent games, terrorism, cannibalism, pornography, etc.

According to several studies, these types of games and exposed graphics can affect badly, especially on kids. Their behavior gets unpleasant and angry. But at the same time, these games and things are so addictive for children that parents are worried. There are a lot of things on the internet that needs parental guidance otherwise it could lead to so many problems for children. To avoid these circumstances, parents need parental control hacking software. To ease up the parent’s concern, this TTSPY phone hack software for Android and iPhone has been introduced. This phone hack software can be installed on your kid’s phone. It will allow you access and control over what they can watch and for how long.

How to use it

Everyone understands that technology has become our need in every walk of life in this modern age. Everything we use including mobile phones, laptops, tablets, digital watches, security systems, has got us benched all because of advanced technology. Even our kids are used to technology so much that they prefer playing games and chatting on the social app on their tablets or phones rather than being out in the real playground or for meeting anybody. This whole situation is a kind of disaster but with TTSPY phone hacking software, you can control it. TTSPY is a kind of invisible software that only does its own work and doesn’t interrupt the running of other apps in any device. It gives you control and full access to your kid’s online activities.

The installation of this TTSPY phone hack software is quite easy. You just have to download it from the third-party app store. Once you have installed it on your phone, now it is time to put your iCloud essentials in it. After that, it will be up and running. To do all of that, you need an internet connection.

Why choose TTSPY

There are literally hundreds of Android and iOS phone hacking software available on the internet but TTSPY is known as the best phone hack software for Android and iPhone. It is compatible with any Android or iOS device, especially the smartphone. Besides, you would want the best hacking software for your kid’s phone because you don’t want to spook him or her. You would use anything that would jeopardize their dignity, right? So, to convince people, here are some of the distinctive features of TTSPY phone hack software for Android and iPhone. Have a look:

  1. Recording of social media apps:

Social media is quite an addictive thing, especially for school going kids. The internet has turned social media into an obsession because it offers non-stop content. It does seem lovely to chat with your friends and go through their stories and newsfeed, but kids are not aware of what is bad for them and whatnot. A parent couldn’t have control over their conversations, but they need to know what their kids are talking about to ensure their safety. So, TTSPY phone hack software allows you to keep the records of their social media chats and photos along with regular incoming and outgoing calls.

  1. Records typed keystrokes:

Teenagers can become secretive and put a password or lock on their smartphones. Luckily with TTSPY phone hack software for Android and iPhone, you don’t need a password. The software will hack the password through typed keystrokes, and you will be able to browse everything they have on their phones.

  1. GPS tracking:

This software allows you to know the location of your target. It has got all the location history.

  1. Live surround voice:

Want to know something really cool? This TTSPY phone hack software for Android and iPhone can turn on the mic so that you could listen to the surrounding voices. The same goes for the camera. You can activate it remotely when you want to see the surrounding where your child is.

Similar software

TTSPY phone hack software for Android and iPhone is not the only one of its kind but there is a lot of other software like that. Some of them are made for android while some of them are for iOS technology. All of these software and apps are for monitoring purpose, there is no other reason behind that. If you visit their website, you can find them and check out their live demos before you pick the one. Read, listen, and watch the demos to get a proper guideline for its features.


Everyone wants to keep their children safe. The same goes for the employees. With this hacking software, surely, there are some inhibitions, but you can be in control and know what’s been happening all along. We recommend you try it and make a safe environment for your children and for your workplace.