Comment espionner les appels sur les téléphones iPhone et Android à distance

Spying on someone’s calls on iPhone and Android phones remotely has become a necessity and sometimes it’s just necessary to have a mobile app which can help one spy or stalk someone to learn more about them and listen to their calls to their what they are doing, who they talk to and what do they talk about. This is why one needs to try the TTSPY app out as it is one of the best Spy Apps out there for spying on calls on iPhone and Android phones.

The TTSPY app is available for both iPhone and Android devices meaning that no matter which device one might be using, they can always use the TTSPY app on their phone. If you need an app to keep an eye on your child, friend, partner or even employee and listen to their calls then you need to use TTSPY or TTS as it is the ultimate app for one to use with its powerful features such as the Spying Phone Calls feature which is one of the many useful features anyone can use to spy on whoever they want.

TTSPY For iPhone and Android Phone

It is fairly easy to monitor phones with the TTSPY app. The monitoring software of the app allows the user to spy on the target person without them knowing. All one needs to do is establish a remote connection with the device they intend to spy on. Once the connection has been established, you will get to access the phone of the target person from your own phone. Monitor the target device from anywhere and anytime for as long as you want so long as you have an internet connection.

It is simple to install the software on your phone. After you purchase the app, you will get all your details through an email or text on your phone which will confirm your username, license key, and password. Just activate the app after registering your device and the device of the target person. However, in order to first download the app, you need to use a third-party app.

Three Simple Steps to Use the TTSPY App

  1. Download: Use the Third-Party App to download the app on your phone.
  2. Register: The next thing you need to do is register your phone and the target device on the app.
  3. Monitor: Finally, once the app has been downloaded and registered, you can start monitoring and spying on the target person. The app has instructions as well on the app which help you understand and successfully use each and every powerful feature on the app. It is one of the most innovative apps out there.

TTSPY Works without Jailbreak

The TTSPY does not use jailbreak and will allow you to see someone’s text messages, iMessages, GPS location and just about everything for your iPhone or iPad. It will help extract all the information for you, no matter how old the device might be.

Why You Will Love the TTSPY App

  • User-Friendly: The best thing about the app is the fact that it is user-friendly.
  • Fast Setup: A great thing about spying with the app is its’ fast setup. It does not take much time for you to start using the app.
  • Latest Version: The App provides you with the latest version of the app.
  • Spy on Multiple Users: The app allows you to spy on multiple users simultaneously. The app understands that everyone has multiple people they want to spy on which is why it provides users with the option to spy on multiple people at the same time.

What can the TTSPY App do for you?

With some of the most features which can be found in a spy app, TTSPY provides you with information which no other spy app could provide you for iPhone or Android phone. You get to use the most powerful features like caméra espion, spy messages, spy phone contact, spy calls, spy browsing history, spy location and much more.

Use the monitoring software to track someones’ GPS location, videos, photos and web history. The unique features allow you to listen and record phone surroundings and live phone calls as well as VOIP calls on apps such as Whatsapp, Skype, Viber and many more. You get clues that no other app could provide you with.

Features on Spy Phone App

  • Listen to surroundings: The TTSPY app allows you to remotely open the phone microphone of the target person to record and listen to everything which is going on in the surroundings.
  • Track Live Location: The app allows you to view and track the live location of the target person through the use of GPS system which is embedded in the person’s device.
  • Spy on Internet Activity: Keep track of the website history of the person and view their bookmarks as well. See the websites most visited, the dates and even the time of visits to know what your child, partner or employee is doing when online.
  • Remote Camera Capture: The app allows you to take videos and pictures remotely on your phone.

Worth Your Money

The TTSPY App is the most affordable app for spying on someone’s iPhone or Android Phone. Unlike other spy apps which require you to pay their expensive prices, you get to know a fraction of that cost with TTSPY and enjoy the most features. No other app could enhance your spying experience like that of TTSPY.

Users of the app are strongly satisfied by the performance of the app and have gotten the answers they needed to catch a cheating spouse, an employee who was working for a major competitor or a child who was watching porn or sending their nudes online. Get the app on your phone and remotely spy on the target person’s iPhone or Android phone. It can’t get any easier to find out the truth.

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