5 meilleures applications d'enregistrement d'appels cachés pour Android

Are you looking for the best hidden call recording apps for android to find the perfect one for you then you have come to the right place? Sometimes it is necessary to use a hidden call recording app to find out what someone is talking about and whom they speak with. The app could be used to listen to your child, lover, friend, or employee.

It is difficult to know who to trust in today’s age which is why one needs to use a hidden call recording app to find out who they can trust. We can be blinded by our emotions and these emotions could make us take decisions which could be harmful to us such as promoting an employee who is working secretly for a competitor or a lover who is secretly cheating on us behind our backs. This is why a hidden call recording app is just what one needs. The 5 best-hidden call recording apps for android all have features that are needed in order to stalk someone and know what they are doing. Here are the top hidden call recording apps for android.

Tip: No. 1 is the best-hidden call recording app for android and it has many other features as well.

Spyzie Call Recorder

Spyzie is an easy to use app. It is the spy solution you need in order to recording calls secretly. The app is completely non-detectable as it does not require the phone to be rooted or jail-broken. With the Spyzie app, you will not only get to record the phone call but also access the person’s phone call list. It has many more spying abilities.  

Call Recorder Pro

The Call Recorder Pro app is a light app and is also easy to use. It is available for both iPhone and Android devices. The app allows you to record calls, save any conversations, and access the contacts. The app is compatible with Dropbox and has a feature to allow it to be password activated so that only you can access the app and listen to the recording without having to worry about anyone finding out that you have recorded them or any of their conversations.

call recording apps for Android
call recording apps for Android


The iPadio is much more complex than the other apps on the list as it is only meant for an iPhone. The app is free and is actually meant for audio recording of all type. It is a great way to record any audios and to even share them if you want.

The process of tapping into phone calls is a bit more complex as compared to the other apps. First, you need to go the home page of the app and then tap on the record/ call button on the screen. The call will be immediately sent to iPadio and they will ask for your pin. Once, you have entered the correct pin you can enter the phone number and the app will call the number to listen to the call remotely.

Enregistreur automatique d'appels

Next on the list is Automatic Call Recorder which has been made specifically for Android devices. It provides you with an easy to use the tool in order to record calls, edit them and save them as well as upload them onto the cloud as it is compatible with Dropbox and Google Drive.

With the app, you can record calls on your contact list as well those not on your contact list. If you use the paid version, then you will get an option to custom set the calls that you would like to record and ignore the ones you don’t want to. Voice quality can be weak for some devices.


Tableau de bord TTSPY
Tableau de bord TTSPY

TTSPY is the number 1 for hidden call recording for an android device. It is also available for an iPhone. It is the most powerful app out there as it has some of the best features which can be found in an app. No matter what type of app you might be looking for, the TTSPY app has all the features that you need to stalk or spy on someone without them ever finding out. You get to record calls remotely and save them on your phone.

There are many other features as well which are available on the app such as the features as mentioned below:

  • Fonction de localisation en direct : Vous pourrez vérifier l'emplacement en direct de la personne que vous voulez espionner. L'emplacement qui est fourni est précis et vous aidera à déterminer les allées et venues de votre enfant, de votre employé ou de votre amant. La fonction de localisation en direct est importante car elle vous permet de vous assurer que votre enfant a atteint un endroit en toute sécurité ou non et vous pouvez surveiller ses allées et venues tout au long de la journée.
  • Accès aux messages : Vous pourrez également accéder à tous les messages texte de la personne que vous voulez espionner et les lire.
  • Accédez aux photos : Vérifiez toutes les photos prises par votre enfant ou votre employé pour savoir s'il fait quelque chose de mal ou de suspect.
  • Accéder à l'historique du navigateur : Vous pouvez également accéder à l'historique du navigateur de la personne pour savoir ce qu'elle a consulté en ligne. Cela peut même aider les employeurs à savoir si les employés recherchent un nouvel emploi ou s'ils envoient des courriels à un concurrent.
  • Accédez aux applications du téléphone : Vous aurez un accès complet à toutes les applications téléchargées sur le téléphone comme WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Facebook et bien plus encore.
  • Caméra avant et arrière en direct : L'une des fonctions les plus puissantes de l'application, outre la surveillance du journal des appels, est la caméra avant et arrière en direct. Quel que soit l'endroit où se trouve votre enfant, votre employé ou votre amant, vous pourrez garder un œil sur eux pour vous assurer qu'ils sont en sécurité et qu'ils ne font pas quelque chose qu'ils ne devraient pas faire.

Choisissez TTSPY

When you choose TTSPY as the app of choice, you will get to experience what its thousands of users experience and that is the features that are available on the app, download the app on your Android device or iPhone now through a third-party app. The app does not require rooting for an iPhone nor does it require Jailbreak for an iPhone.

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