10 mejores aplicaciones espía para leer los mensajes de texto de alguien sin que lo sepa

acceso a los mensajes de texto

Nowadays, the usage of spying apps is increasing day by day with the growth of the internet. Parents have really concerned about their children especially those who are below 18. They don’t know that their children having a smartphone in their hands and talking to whom? Which types of company they adopt? So these spying applications help them a lot to track their children.

There are numerous spying applications are available. Which application will suit you best? For the ease of the parents and employers, we have shortlisted best spying apps on the internet. You can choose any app which suits you the most. However, we suggest you go for TTSPY app because it offers 5 to 10 totally unique features that are extremely helpful for parental control. This guide will help you to choose the top 10 best spy apps to read someone’s text.


Cuadro de mandos de TTSPY
Cuadro de mandos de TTSPY

TTSPY is one of the most useful application if we talk about any real-time tracking app. It includes the simplest to the most advanced features with a really user-friendly interface. TTSPY app is capable to track the complete details of received and sent text messages with time and date stamp. There is an App Messaging feature which makes TTSPY app a very unique app in which you can read real-time messages from all messaging application such as Line and WhatsApp.

More Features

Here are some other important features of TTSPY:

  • Track most popular instant messaging apps
  • Live Cameras Stream
  • Transmisión en vivo de la pantalla
  • Micrófono en directo
  • Micrófono grabador
  • Registrador de teclas

Compatibilidad: Application is compatible with both Android and iOS

Live Demo:

For Android live demonstration visit at https://my.ttspy.com/demo/android

For iOS live demonstration visit at https://my.ttspy.com/demo/ios


Revisión de xnspy
Revisión de xnspy

XNSPY is another most popular spying app in the category of text message reading. It contains also a user-friendly interface. You can remotely track and read complete message history including received and sent messages. The most important feature of XNSPY is to search for any query in the conversation. It means, you can search for specific words and this application will filter out all messages with the same wording. So by using this feature, you can save your time. Another important feature of this application is to maintain the record of deleted texts. If a user deletes any text then this application will have that text as a backup so you can read that text even after deletion.

More Features

Here are some other important features of XNSPY:

  • Maintain the complete details of call logs
  • GPS tracking is included
  • Record phone calls plus surrounding voices
  • Set alerts
  • Track different videos and calendar entries

Compatibilidad: This application is also compatible with Android and iOS.

3. Spyzie

Spyzie is another big name for reading someone’s text message remotely. This application is also capable to track complete details of sent and received text messages with sender name. The most important feature of this app is that it allows you to download different types of files attached to the messages. It has a pretty good feature for analyzing text messages so you figure out the most important contact in the cellphone easily.

More Features

Here are some other important features of Spyzie:

  • Text messages tracking
  • Browsing contact details
  • GPS tracking is included
  • Calendar marking details
  • Preview of the different video in the gallery
  • Historial del navegador
  • View different installed applications

Compatibilidad: This application is compatible with both Android and iOS. Rooting and jailbreak are not required.

4. mSpy

Revisión de mSpy
Revisión de mSpy

mSpy is another most predominant application for tracking the complete details of sent and received messages. It is designed for very concerned parents who want to prevent their children from different risks of the online world. mSpy makes you capable to monitor all incoming and outgoing texts. A few important information like sender name with time and date stamps are included with every text.

More Features

Here are some other important features of mSpy:

  • It also provides GPS location tracking.
  • Access to photos and videos in the gallery.
  • Internet usage monitoring.
  • Complete details of the conversation on Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.
  • Maintain the complete details of call logs.

Compatibilidad: mSpy is also compatible with both Android and iOS. It provides two different versions for iPhone jailbreak and without jailbreak.

5. TrackMyFone

TrackMyFone is one of the most popular spy apps which allows you to read someone’s text remotely. You can access complete text messages history online by just logging in to a control panel. If you want to avoid from any complexion then you can set alerts on different words. Whenever a text contains these words will be sent or received, you will have an alert and notified about that text. Therefore, you can read those texts immediately.

More Features

  • Access to media files such as photos and videos in the gallery
  • Can explore complete internet watch history
  • Complete details of text messages from Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype Line, and Viber chats monitoring

Compatibilidad: This application is compatible with both Android and iPhone

6. MobiStealth

MobiStealth is the best monitoring app for parental use. This application works in stealth or invisible mode which make it impossible to detect. It secretly tracks the complete information about text messages received or sent from any major messaging app.

More Features

  • Real-time screenshot capability
  • Monitor the complete history of web browsing
  • Emails tracking
  • Access to media files like images and videos
  • Track and read complete social media chat

Compatibilidad: Android + iOS

7. GuestSpy

If you are doubtful that your children are misusing the internet by sexting or involve any other illegal activity, you can trace them with GuestSpy and can prevent them from different severe circumstances. Texting is the most common way of communication so if you successfully access their texts then you can know about all their plan and activities. Therefore, GuestSpy is one of the most reliable spying apps that you can use to track text messages to monitor your children or employees activity.

More Features

Here are some other important features of GuestSpy:

  • GPS tracking capability
  • You can monitor internet usage
  • Give you access to all media files such as photos and videos
  • Grant access to the calendar and their marked entries

Compatibilidad: Both with Android and iPhone

8. Appmia

Revisión de Appmia
Revisión de Appmia

Appmia is one of the most prominent text messages tracking app which is capable to track all activities of the user on the mobile remotely. You will regularly attain all essential information regarding a user in real-time. Appmia offers you to track all incoming and outgoing message with the time and date stamps. The layout of this application is extremely easy to use. You can access all information by logging in from any internet-ready device.

More Features

Here are some other important features of Appmia:

  • Provides the facility to record the call with all surrounding voices.
  • Blocking capability to any websites and social networks.
  • GPS tracking is included.
  • Grab the information from Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber.
  • Call tracking capability and view contact details.

Compatibilidad: Appmia is compatible with both Android and iOS.

9. TheTruthSpy

You can easily see someone’s text really easily by utilizing TheTruthSpy without even touching the targeted person cellphone. This app eventually reveals the truth by tracking the text messages as the name is suggesting. You can spy on the details of outgoing and incoming text on iPhone and Android. Every message includes the contact number with the name of a person. Furthermore, you can also check the time and date stamps on all messages.

More Features

Here are some other important features of TheTruthSpy:

  • GPS tracking is available
  • Keep the record of app usage
  • You can check contact history
  • View notes content
  • Registrador de teclas
  • Complete details of call logs

Compatibilidad: The application is compatible with Android and iPhone. This application requires a jailbreak.

10. SpyEra

The core purpose to develop this application was tracking text messages. Later on, they updated this app and add other essential features and made extremely useful for parental control. Now, this app is fully featured to monitor all activities of the children and employees.

It provides the complete details of text messages just in a single report. SpyEra provides the functionality to maintain the record of deleted messages. If someone has deleted the texts, you can still read those texts.

More Features

Here are some other important features of SpyEra:

  • This application allows you to track complete social media chats
  • Give you access to complete media files such as video, pictures and audio files.
  • Emails spying capability
  • You can control the camera to capture images

Compatibilidad: SpyEra is compatible with both Android and iPhone. Jailbreak is required for iPhone users.

Why TTSPY has been ranked 1st?

TTSPY is one of the most dominant messages tracking app on the internet. This application provides numerous matchless features which are totally unique as compared to all other applications. If you compare TTSPY app’s features and functionalities to its other competitors, you will familiarize that all other applications have somehow similar functionalities with a minor difference. Here are the few reasons why we ranked TTSPY at number one:

  • TTSPY app provides almost all functionalities related text messages tracking as all other applications provide.
  • TTSPY offers a user-friendly interface.
  • Its price is fair as compared to other apps
  • It provides some extremely astounding features like “live cameras streaming”. Rest of the applications don’t provide any such features.
  • You can control real-time microphone to listen to the conversation of the app user and its partner and can record for later listening.
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