Revisión de ONESPY: ¿Es la mejor aplicación de espionaje para móviles Android?

Revisión de onespy

The present innovations are expanding the use of technology and this is never less than an epidemic. At present, mobile phone devices are helping us to communicate with each other way better than ever. Most of the parents, businessmen, and other people are looking for the best monitoring applications which can help them to monitor mobile phone activities of someone with ease. Here we have brought an amazing solution for you to get the best benefits with ease.

What is Onespy application?

Onespy is an ultimate spy application which has brought an amazing range of features which you can ever imagine to have in a monitoring or spying application. This can be an amazing solution for the ones who are looking for a great application for monitoring purposes or to spy on someone’s mobile phone.

When it comes to seeing the usage of Onespy application then this amazing application can be used to monitor your kids and keep them protected from negative usage of mobile devices. Even more, you will be able to keep an eye on the whereabouts of your kids and can protect them from the bad company in the best possible way.

Moreover, you can use Onespy to keep an eye on the activities of your employees. This will help you to know where they are wasting their time. Even if you are in doubt about the activities of any of your employees then you can get help from Onespy to know about the things properly. You can also use this application to catch a cheating spouse with ease.

Important features of Onespy

onespy features
Onespy features

Do you want to know some amazing features of Onespy? Here are some of the most important features of Onespy which you can consider:

Real-time screen monitoring: This amazing feature will help you to monitor real-time screen of the target device. You can see what your targeted person is doing on-screen at present.

GPS tracking: with the help of GPS tracking you can monitor the current location of your device. Even more, you can also view the location history of your target device. You can also define a location as prohibited entry and when the targeted device will enter that zone, you will get an alert notification.

SMS info: you can monitor messaging information of your target device. This will let you see the message, conversation history and contact details of your target device.

Call history: You can have a look at the call log of your target person. This feature will let you know the details of incoming and outgoing calls, call history and contact details.

Social media channels monitoring: This is one of the most amazing features which is important to know the social media activities of your target device in the best possible way. Even more Onespy application also offers the feature of email monitoring.

Contact: You can view the contact details of your Target person to know with whom the person is contacting with.

IM messaging: As there have arrived various applications which are offering services of Instant Messaging. Therefore, IM messaging monitor is there to let you monitor the things in the best possible way by monitoring IM messaging apps too.

Surrounding recordings: You can control the sound recorder remotely to listen and record the surroundings of the target device with ease.

Instant Alerts: Instant Alert notifications will let you know the SIM change and Geo-Fence alerts with ease.

how onespy works
how Onespy works


Onespy is compatible with Android Ver. 4.1+ smart devices.

Customer Service and support

Although Onespy is one of the most amazing applications, which you can use to spy on someone’s mobile or to monitor the activities of your kids or employees, however, when it comes to the support services of Onespy application then these are quite bad. It is because even the technical team here is also unable to solve some technical issues more often.

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Will target phone user will be able to find the application on his phone?

This spy application is invisible. The targeted person will never get an idea about the presence of the application and you can monitor the device in the best possible way.

Can I change the username and password later?

Yes, once you have logged in with your previous information, you can go to settings to change your username and password with ease.

Is any tech knowledge required to use this application?

Well, the application comes with an easy to use and easy to navigate interface. Due to its simpler interface, you do not require any technical knowledge to use the application.

How Onespy accepts payments?

There are multiple payment options which you can use to make your payment. The most important ones are the use of visa and master card.

How the user will get instructions after making a purchase?

Once you have done with the subscription process, then you will get a welcome email along with the instructions to use the application. You can read the email to complete the installation process in the best possible way.


Here are some advantages of Onespy application which are better for you to know:

  • It supports multiple multimedia formats.
  • You can monitor all social media channels too.
  • It comes with an amazing range of features.


Here are some disadvantages of Onespy which are important for you to know:

  • It does not support multiple devices on one subscription.
  • No iOS spy solution.
  • Need root if you want more features.

The best alternative to Onespy: TTSPY

TTSPY is one of the best and perfect applications which you can ever have to track and monitor any mobile device with ease.  TTSPY is an interesting application which can help you to keep an eye on your kids’ activities, track your employees or deal with the emergencies perfectly.


TTSPY is a perfect application which can be your ultimate solution to monitor or spy on someone’s mobile phone. This can help you to track any Android and iOS device to deal with any situation in the best possible way. You do not need root or jailbreak your device to use this application. Even more, this is a perfectly useful application which comes with an amazing range of features. The company offers excellent support services and in case of any problem, you can get help from technical assistance.

While Onespy is also an amazing option to contain but the support service is quite low. It offers various features which can help you to monitor any device in the best possible way. Onespy can help you to keep an eye on the activities of your target device. It is also compatible for both iOS and Android application but your device must be rooted or jailbroken.

Características de TTSPY

Características del hack de Android
Características del hack de Android

Here are some of the most interesting features of TTSPY which you must know:

  • Call log: This is a feature which can help you to see the call logs of your targeted device and will help you to know about the people your kids, employee or any other target person are contacting.
  • Location: This will let you catch the real-time location of your target device and you can easily know about the whereabouts of any person you are monitoring.
  • Live Camera: TTSPY can help you to activate the camera and microphone of the device which will help you to view or record the surroundings of your target device with ease.
  • Live Screen: TTSPY is the best child monitor application which comes with Live monitoring of the screen of the target device. This can help you to view the screen of your target in real-time.
  • Text Message: Most commonly, it is a real challenge for the parents to find an authentic application which can help them to monitor text messages of their kids in real-time. But TTSPY is an amazing application which also allows them to monitor the text messages of kids.
  • IM message: Although there are multiple applications on mobile phones which can be used for instant messaging. Fortunately, with TTSPY you can monitor all of the messages which are being delivered through them.
  • Other than these main monitoring features, you can also find the features like photos and videos monitoring, apps, videos and audios monitoring to ensure more benefits.


Onespy is an amazing application which offers amazing options to spy on someone’s mobile phone. However, its poor support service makes it less reliable. While when it comes to TTSPY then this can be a perfect solution for the people who want to have the best monitoring solution. It is because this has no disadvantages associated with it and offers amazing customer support services from the team. This contains all the important features which are making this an amazing solution to have.

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